One-click measuring instrument solution for camera slide size measurement




With the development of mobile phone photography technology, once a new mobile phone is released in recent years, people's attention mainly falls on the parameters of the mobile phone camera. In fact, the role of the protective glass of the mobile phone camera cannot be ignored. The camera glass is the protection of the mobile phone camera. device that prevents dust from entering and protects the camera from scratches. Because its material, surface treatment and assembly structure will directly affect the imaging quality of the mobile phone camera, the appearance inspection requirements for the camera protective glass are also very strict.



Camera slide detection requirements:



Quickly and accurately detect the length, width, aperture, distance and other dimensions of the camera protective glass to determine whether it meets the requirements.



Detection scheme:



Use the IMAGE3 series of image measuring instruments to automatically measure the size of the camera slide.






Program advantages:



1. Fast measurement speed: The Pomeas image measuring instrument has a large field of view and can realize batch product inspection. It can measure more than 50 sizes in one second, and the camera slide measurement can be completed in a few seconds;



2. The measurement results are accurate and consistent: the measurement operation is simple, and the measurement results of anyone will remain accurate and consistent;



3. Data processing is simple: the test results are automatically generated, and the measurement report can be exported with one click.



Using the Pomeas image measuring instrument to measure the size of the protective glass slide of the mobile phone camera can meet the needs of high measurement accuracy and batch inspection, and improve the production inspection efficiency.



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