Mobile phone middle frame size measurement scheme




A mobile phone is a common communication tool with many components. The middle frame of the mobile phone refers to the connection area between the front panel and the back cover of the mobile phone, which protects the mobile phone. Keep a reasonable interval, so there are a lot of mounting holes in the middle frame of the mobile phone to install the motherboard, battery and other parts and wiring. Precise quality inspection of all parts of the mobile phone is required during assembly to ensure the overall quality of the mobile phone. However, because there are many types of holes in the middle frame of mobile phones, it is very cumbersome to measure, and the standard of high dimensional accuracy directly rejects many measurement tools. What kind of equipment can meet the needs of high-precision detection is an urgent problem for mobile phone manufacturers to understand.



Pomeas image measuring instrument is a one-button size measurement device. It can accurately obtain product images with self-developed dual-telecentric optical lenses and high frame rate industrial cameras. Through high-precision image algorithm analysis, it can quickly measure the middle frame of mobile phones. According to the set error parameters, it can automatically judge whether the product size of the mobile phone middle frame cover meets the requirements.



The Pomeas image measuring instrument has the following advantages:



1. It can be automatically positioned, the measurement workpiece can be placed in any position, and the edge of the product can be accurately captured to ensure the stability of the equipment and the accuracy of measurement;



2. The operation interface is simple and user-friendly, simple training can be used to get started, and anyone can easily obtain consistent results when measuring;



3. The measurement speed is fast, only one key is needed to start the measurement, and 100 parts can be measured within 1 second, which greatly improves the measurement efficiency, reduces the production waiting time, and increases the output.



The Pomeas image measuring instrument can also be used for precision dimension measurement in semiconductor, glass, watch, hardware, die-cutting and other industries.



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