Application Scenarios of Image Size Measuring Instruments




Image size measuring instrument is a precision size measuring instrument. The telecentric optical lens is used to collect the image of the product workpiece, and the actual size, shape and mutual position relationship of the tested product workpiece are calculated through a high frame rate industrial camera and a high-precision image analysis system.


Compared with traditional contact image measuring instruments, calipers and other tools, there is no good solution for delicate structures, thin-walled workpieces, tiny injection parts, and batch rapid measurement. Image size measuring instrument can effectively complete inaccessible, deformable, and small-shaped workpieces.



Image size measuring instruments are widely used in all walks of life, and most flat image measurements can be used. From mechanical parts such as screws and nuts, to precision workpieces such as metal parts and rubber, electronic products such as mobile phones and tablets, and auto parts, precise dimensional inspection is required.



After continuous development, the application range of image size measuring instruments has been continuously expanded, which can measure various complex workpiece contours and surface shapes. Including watches, mobile phones, die-cutting, springs, PCB boards, glass, molds, knives, gears and other workpieces, gradually entering the hardware, electronics, machinery, instruments, clocks and other industries, becoming industrial manufacturing production sites, universities, measurement laboratories and other commonly used precision measuring instruments.



Image sizers are in increasing demand in modern manufacturing. Due to the high measurement accuracy of the image size measuring instrument, the software system is simple and easy to understand, and the operation process is very convenient. The measurement can be started with one key, and nearly 100 dimensions can be measured in one second. It has high precision, fast measurement speed and large measurement range, which can be used for batch workpiece inspection. Therefore, image measuring instruments have always been concerned by manufacturers from all walks of life.



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