What are the functions of the image sizer?




The one-button image size measuring instrument is a fast size measurement device. It adopts a new type of image measurement technology and has the characteristics of fast, efficient and accurate measurement. For small-sized products, the size measurement efficiency can be improved several times compared to traditional imagers.



What are the functions of the image size measuring instrument?



1. One-click flash test

The image size measuring instrument uses a large field of view, a large field of view and a deep center lens to take a picture of the product outline, adjust it to a suitable size, and transmit it to a high-resolution industrial camera, and then quickly grab the product according to pre-programmed instructions through a software measurement system with powerful computing power. The contour map is finally compared with the tiny pixel points on the high-resolution industrial camera to calculate the product size, and the evaluation of the dimensional tolerance is completed at the same time.



2. High precision measurement

The high-resolution bi-telecentric lens with high depth of field and low distortion can solve the parallax problem of traditional industrial lenses, and the product size within the depth of field can be accurately measured with high measurement accuracy. And equipped with auto focus function, there is no need to worry about the position of the product affecting the measurement results, making the measurement data more accurate.



3. Whole body imaging

The image size measuring instrument is equipped with a telecentric optical lens and has a large field of view. It can image the measurement object as a whole within the imaging range, and complete the measurement of multiple sizes at one time. It solves the problem of the narrow field of view of traditional measuring instruments, which can only measure one point at a time, which is time-consuming Laborious problems, greatly improve work efficiency, save time and production costs.



4. Batch inspection

The image measuring instrument automatically remembers the shape of the product, and automatically locates, detects the position and direction, and the origin of the coordinates and repeats the measurement. Dozens or even hundreds of dimensions can be measured in just a few seconds, and multiple identical products within the field of view can be measured simultaneously.



Pomeas image measuring instrument is widely used in mobile phone, PCB, hardware, precision stamping parts, terminals, die cutting, auto parts and other size detection, can be used to measure radius, radian, diameter, length and width, angle, circle and other dimensions. If you need it, you can contact the online customer service to provide you with a complete solution.



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