What is image measurement technology?




Image measurement technology is a new high-performance measurement technology in the measurement field in recent years. It is based on optical technology and integrates various modern science and technologies such as optoelectronics, computer technology, laser technology, image processing technology, etc. Image measurement is a precise measurement technology that uses the image of the measurement object as a means or carrier to detect and transmit information. It is an image processing technology that combines video images and computer recognition. The purpose is to extract useful signals from the image.



Features of image measurement technology:



1. Non-contact measurement: it will not cause any damage to the observer and the observed person, and it is very safe and reliable, which is unmatched by other measurement methods.



2. High measurement accuracy: Using various image target mode positioning methods, especially sub-pixel positioning technology, can significantly improve the positioning accuracy of image targets.



3. Instead of traditional measurement methods: many parameters that cannot be distinguished by the naked eye, such as the brightness change of the interference fringes related to the phase to be measured, the area of ​​the special-shaped area, the continuously changing brightness field, color field, fringe azimuth field, etc. can use the image In addition, objects that people cannot observe for a long time or in some harsh environments can also be studied by collecting images.



4. High-precision calibration and correction: Image processing technology can achieve high-precision calibration and error correction of the camera system, providing a solid foundation for high-precision optical measurement.



5. High degree of automation: With the continuous development of computer technology, the emergence of various types of image acquisition and processing new hardware provides new methods and means for image measurement technology, coupled with the improvement of the automation degree of processing algorithms, makes this technology. The degree of automation of processing analysis is greatly improved, which greatly reduces the workload and time of processing, and gains time for online measurement.



The Pomeas image size measuring instrument is based on image measurement technology, which can realize rapid and batch size detection of precision workpieces, and is widely used in mobile phones, watches, PCBs, semiconductors, hardware, springs and other fields.



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