Application of Bi-telecentric Lens in AOI System




The AOI system is an automatic optical inspection system, which is a device that detects common defects in welding production through optical camera technology.




The AOI system can be divided into four stages: image acquisition, data processing, image analysis and defect reporting. Image acquisition is the basis of the AOI system. All judgments are based on the initially acquired images. Therefore, the accuracy of image acquisition is very important for the inspection results. .



In the image acquisition stage of the AOI system, the optical lens is equivalent to the role of the eye, which can transmit the product image to the photosensitive surface of the sensor to complete the optical scanning and data acquisition of the product. Therefore, the selection of optical lens is also a key link in the AOI system.




There are various types of optical lenses, which can be divided into zoom lenses, zoom lenses, telecentric lenses, and double telecentric lenses. When a certain angle, the product is a three-dimensional object, and the detection requires high precision and low distortion, a double telecentric lens must be selected. For example, when PCB soldering, almost all of the above situations will be encountered, and the detection requirements are usually very fine pitch and High density, the requirements for optical lenses are not only extremely high in resolution and clarity, but also high in scene picture stitching. Ordinary industrial lenses are difficult to meet the requirements of AOI detection. The bi-telecentric lens has the characteristics of large depth of field, high resolution and low distortion imaging, which can well cooperate with the operation of the entire system.




The Pomeas bi-telecentric lens has high resolution, and the distortion can be controlled to be less than 0.02%. In the AOI scene that requires a lot of stitching, the effect of the composite picture is fine and smooth enough, and there will be no large step difference. It performs well in the AOI system and can guarantee the accuracy of the results. Pomeas bi-telecentric lenses are independently developed, designed and produced. After years of polishing and testing, the quality of the products is guaranteed.



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