Features of fixed focal length industrial lenses




At present, optical lenses in machine vision systems can be mainly divided into fixed focus industrial lenses, zoom industrial lenses, telecentric industrial lenses, zoom industrial lenses, and 4K lenses. Among them, the fixed-focus industrial lens refers to a lens with a fixed focal length, which has the characteristics of stable image quality and convenient use, and is widely used in industrial automation and machine vision systems.


The function of fixed focus industrial lens:



1. In the machine vision system, the fixed-focus industrial lens can image the detected product on the photosensitive surface of the image sensor, playing the role of the eye in the vision system.



2. The fixed-focus industrial lens adopts low-distortion design technology, which can effectively reduce the distortion rate, reduce glare, increase contrast, restore image color more realistically, and improve image clarity. The combination of fixed-focus industrial lens and industrial camera can greatly improve Efficiency of Industrial Manufacturing.



3. The focal length of the fixed-focus industrial lens is fixed, and the field of view changes with the distance. The closer the target object is to the lens, the larger the image will be. It is suitable for the scene where the detection working distance is fixed and the detection area is the same plane.



There are various types of industrial lenses, which can be used for product quality control in machine vision inspection systems, including defect detection, such as: wafer, tip, film, SMT, glass and other product surface defect identification, precision component size measurement, such as: Mobile phones, watches, hardware, die cutting, auto parts and other dimensional parameter determination, as well as dispensing machines, product alignment, industrial microscopes and other fields, have a large market space in industrial automation.



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