Mark point positioning machine vision solution




Mark point positioning is very common in machine vision applications. Various Mark points may be the key to positioning. Through the position of the Mark point, the position of other products and parts can be determined, which can be used for inspection or assembly.




Mark points are widely used in many circuit boards. Its main function is for positioning. Because all other components on the circuit board, their position coordinates are based on these Mark points. Therefore, as long as the coordinates of the Mark point are known, the coordinates of other components can be obtained by calculation, thus providing data for automatic assembly.




Mark positioning in the PCB circuit board, the real detection environment is much more complicated than imagined. The first and most basic requirement is that the Mark point imaging is clear and the contrast is strong. Due to the coating of the material of the product itself, the ring light that can illuminate the field of view more uniformly cannot penetrate through for lighting.




The system is required to be able to achieve precise positioning, but due to inconsistent product positions, the easy problem is that the size recognized by the machine is different, and the product assembly size does not match, making the product damaged or not up to standard.




For the above problems, our solution is to use a telecentric lens that corrects parallax and a more penetrating point light source. The biggest advantage of the industrial telecentric lens is that when the object is placed in a different position, the image size is the same, and the high resolution can be seen more clearly.




As a core product supplier of machine vision and industrial automation, Pumis main products include zoom lens, telecentric lens, fixed focus lens, industrial camera, visual light source, etc. According to different needs, different optical accessories can be selected for you. Provide the most suitable Mark point positioning solution.



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