Inductive six-sided defect detection for zoom telecentric lens application




The industrial lens is an important part of the machine vision appearance inspection system. With the development of industrial inspection, the precision requirements of the vision system are getting higher and higher, and the requirements for the lens are also getting higher and higher. The zoom telecentric lens is a high-resolution zoom lens with a telecentric optical path design, variable working distance and compact structure. It has good performance in high-precision vision applications, such as inductive six-sided defect detection.



Inductors are important electronic components in the fields of computers, mobile phones, and consumer electronics, and play an extremely important role in the electronics industry. In the production process of inductors, there are often problems such as breakage, gaps, cracks, marking errors, and inconsistencies in size. The quality inspection process needs to be strictly controlled to eliminate defective products and avoid entering the market.



The automatic inductance appearance inspection system is adopted to conduct real-time online inspection of the outer dimensions and surface defects of the inductor, which greatly improves the production efficiency and delivery quality.



System core components:



1. The lens uses the Pomeas zoom telecentric lens;


2. The camera uses the Pomeas Gigabit Ethernet industrial camera;


3. With a variety of combined light sources and visual inspection software.



Detection effect:




Program advantages:



Constant F5 large aperture variable magnification telecentric lens to ensure high magnification light flux, accurately identify defects, and improve detection accuracy; Gigabit Ethernet industrial cameras have stable transmission and low exposure time; the system can detect online, automatically select defective products, and detect fast Faster and more efficient.



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