Structure and function of industrial video microscope




The industrial video microscope is a microscopic observation system that converts the physical image seen by the microscope through digital-to-analog conversion to make it image on the screen of the microscope or on the computer. The research on the microscopic field can be reproduced from the traditional ordinary binocular observation through the monitor, thereby improving the work efficiency.



What is the structure of an industrial video microscope? It mainly includes industrial lenses, industrial cameras, adjustable light sources, software systems, displays, etc. Industrial lenses and cameras are the core of video microscopes, which can provide high-definition color images and ensure the true presentation of product details. Realize rapid inspection of product quality.



The role of industrial video microscopes



1. Tool quality inspection


In large-scale manufacturing plants, there are many kinds of components and tools, and it is time-consuming and labor-intensive to send all components to the quality inspection agency, and the efficiency is low. The video microscope can realize on-site inspection, the operation is simple, and the one-button autofocus is very effective to prevent hand shake. You can also find a suitable magnification effect by fine-tuning. The microscope can take photos, videos, save, and archive the tool inspection results for later repair or replacement.



2. Circuit board quality inspection


The video microscope can intuitively observe the defects such as shallow pits, foreign objects, and bending on the surface of the circuit board through the display screen. The operation is fast, the work efficiency is improved, and the quality inspection requirements in the production process of the circuit board are met.


3. Mobile phone case screw hole defect detection


Mainly detect whether there are cracks, damages, debris blockage and other defects in the screw holes on the mobile phone case. Because there are many screw holes on the mobile phone case and some of the screw holes have different heights, it is difficult to detect with traditional microscopes and the working distance needs to be adjusted constantly. With the Pomeas autofocus video microscope, you can find the target through zooming, and then quickly fix the focus for detection. .



The Pomeas video microscope is widely used in industry. It can realize random inspection on the assembly line of the factory at any time, and conduct sudden inspection before leaving the factory. It can realize the joint observation of many people in the factory and conduct synchronous communication and discussion.



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