What are the uses of industrial lenses?




Industrial lenses generally refer to fixed magnification lenses, variable magnification lenses, telecentric lenses, etc. used in industrial production. In machine vision systems, industrial lenses are indispensable components, which can directly affect the implementation of system algorithms and imaging effects. Reasonable The selection of industrial lenses is an important part of the vision system.


The uses of industrial lenses include scratch and damage detection of metal materials, glass, film, wafers and other surface layers, MARK point positioning, glue dispenser, SMT detection, precision parts size measurement, industrial microscopic vision alignment, label digital high-speed comparison detection , Electronic components shape defects and dimensions, detection of circuit board lines and jack positions, detection of injection liquid volume, printing batch number, production date and shelf life text detection of drug packaging; online detection of food filling lines, etc.
Industrial lenses have a large market space, and specific industry applications can be reflected in the following aspects:


1. Appearance inspection of crimping terminals

The appearance of the crimping terminal may have defects such as excessively long insulating skin and leakage of the copper core. Using the Pumis 75MM industrial lens can achieve high resolution and long focal length imaging. Even if the core wire is not flat, it will not cause the software to fail to capture clearly. image situation.


2. ITO film detection

ITO film is a commonly used film material for transparent electrodes of electronic instruments such as touch screens and liquid crystal displays. In order to strictly control the production quality of the products it is applied to, it is necessary to detect ITO films by machine vision technology. The vision system equipped with a telecentric industrial lens, with a coaxial light epigraphy system, has the characteristics of high resolution and low distortion, and can identify defects more clearly.


3. Measurement of plastic parts


Telecentric lenses are also generally used to measure rubber oil seals, O-rings and plastic caps. Such rubber parts are very easy to change their original shape due to deformation during handling. Therefore, it is necessary to use non-contact optical measuring instruments to complete the measurement.


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