What are the advantages of video microscope?




     The video microscope can observe the sample from a new angle on the display without using eyepieces. It has a wide field of view, intuitive detection, simple operation, not easy to produce fatigue, and can display and save high-quality full-color static images, dynamic high-definition movies and other characteristics. The Purmis autofocus video microscope features an all-in-one body design with multiple advantages for industrial quality inspection.



     1. With a 2-megapixel autofocus camera, through the built-in high-definition photosensitive chip and high-speed processor of the camera, while providing 1080P high-definition images, the frame rate and focusing speed are significantly improved. When moving to the desired observation position, the focus will be automatically recognized. information, can instantly obtain a clear focus image, greatly improving the observation speed.




     2. With adjustable LED surface reflection light, the brightness of the light source can be independently controlled; HDMI pure digital high-definition output, new color algorithm to ensure the true reproduction of image color; unique multi-level wide dynamic (HDR) function, with edge enhancement mode, significantly Improve image quality.




     3. Using the 6.5X continuous zoom lens independently developed by Pomeas, it has the function of freeze and fixed magnification, the variable magnification is between 07x-4.5x, the electronic magnification can reach 150 times, and the electronic feedback function is optional, which can achieve high The perfect combination of resolution and high magnification helps customers to observe workpiece details and defects more accurately.




     The unique advantages of Pomeas autofocus video microscope make it excellent in many industrial inspection projects, such as electronic defect inspection, mobile phone screw hole inspection, solder joint inspection, indicator light inspection and other applications. focus detection.



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