What is the relationship between industrial lens depth of field and imaging effect?




In the machine vision system, a good industrial lens has a good reflection in the imaging effect, and the quality of the industrial lens can directly affect the clarity and accuracy of the vision system. The parameters that affect the quality of industrial lenses include lens material, aperture, depth of field, etc. This article introduces the relationship between the depth of field and imaging effects of industrial lenses.



Depth of field refers to the range of distance that an industrial camera can clearly image, that is to say, to obtain a clear picture, the industrial lens needs to have a good depth of field. The larger the depth of field, the larger the clear range of the picture. The scenery can still be seen clearly. The large depth of field of the lens can enhance the clarity of the picture and increase the clear area of ​​the picture, which is a major technical indicator that can affect the imaging effect of the lens. Then, when we choose a lens with a large depth of field, we can make a comparison by enlarging the clarity of the picture after imaging.




Depth of field is not an independent parameter, it has a certain relationship with focal length, aperture, camera distance and other parameters. For example: Aperture and depth of field are inversely proportional, the larger the aperture, the smaller the depth of field; the smaller the aperture, the larger the depth of field. The focal length and the depth of field are also inversely proportional. The long focal length of the lens, the small depth of field; the short focal length of the lens, the large depth of field. The camera distance is proportional to the depth of field, the longer the camera distance, the larger the depth of field; the shorter the camera distance, the smaller the depth of field.




In addition to the depth of field, the resolution of industrial lenses also has a great impact on image quality. There are also many technical factors, such as the material of industrial lenses, high-quality materials can make the lens play the most role, and unsuitable materials will reduce the quality of the lens and reduce the image quality. In addition, the imaging quality of different lens manufacturing processes will also vary.



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