Mobile phone glass cover detection for spectral confocal sensor application




Today, with the rapid development of the industry, the consumer electronics market is booming, smartphone manufacturers continue to "roll in", and the glass cover has entered the era of 2.5D/3D and foldable. Manufacturers of mobile phone glass are also putting forward higher requirements for mobile phone cover glass inspection in terms of improving quality, reducing costs, and improving yield.




The glass of mobile phones is not completely solid, and direct contact is prone to defects, and the glass itself has the characteristics of mirror reflection. The traditional measurement method is contact type, which is prone to wear and foreign matter. There will also be interference of reflected light, which makes detection Accuracy is reduced.



In addition, some mobile phone glass has curved surface features, and the detection usually involves size detection such as flatness, thickness, and contour. The conventional detection method often only obtains plane image data without depth information. How to effectively complete the high-precision detection of mobile phone glass with transparent and highly reflective materials has become an urgent problem to be solved.




POMEAS spectral confocal displacement sensor is a non-contact optical precision measurement sensor based on the principle of spectral confocal method. It has the characteristics of fast speed, high precision and strong adaptability. It adopts coaxial optical path design and breaks through traditional detection methods in technical application. It is not affected by reflected light, and can complete the precise inspection of mobile phone glass with high efficiency and high precision.




Advantages of POMEAS Spectral Confocal Displacement Sensors:



● Distance and thickness modes


● High precision 0.2um and high resolution (maximum 2000Hz)


● Compatible with all multi-series optical pens


● Synchronization with 3 external raster digital encoders


● Output interface, USB and RS232


● Advanced functions: automatic adjustment of LED brightness, first peak, multi-frequency measurement, time average


● Strict CLK master or slave synchronization to achieve cascade


● Self-contained Z-axis control pulse to realize real-time focusing application


● Small spot for focus detection, "straight line" measurement, accurate measurement of grooves, holes, pits, etc.




The POMEAS spectral confocal displacement sensor provides industrial intelligence with more precise measurement technology that is adaptable to materials, and provides a strong guarantee for industrial customers' technology and product upgrades.



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