What are the types of industrial camera lenses?




Machine vision inspection system is an indispensable equipment for many manufacturers in industrial production, and plays an important role in product surface inspection. The machine vision system consists of many accessories, among which the industrial camera lens is an important link for capturing the defects of the product.


How are industrial camera lenses classified?



1. According to whether the focal length is adjustable, it can be divided into fixed focus industrial lenses and zoom industrial lenses;



2. According to whether the magnification is adjustable, it can be divided into fixed magnification industrial lens and variable magnification industrial lens;



3. According to the telecentric type, it can be divided into double telecentric industrial lenses, image-side telecentric lenses and object-side telecentric lenses.




There are many types of industrial lenses, and the imaging quality of different lenses is also quite different, so the applicable visual inspection scenarios are also different.



The focal length of the fixed-focus industrial lens cannot be adjusted, and the working distance is small, which is suitable for detection scenarios with small changes in the field of view. The focal length of the zoom industrial lens can be adjusted freely without changing the lens, the imaging effect is more diverse, and it can be used for automatic detection scenes with a wider field of view.



The magnification of the zoom industrial lens can be freely adjusted within a certain range. It adopts ultra-low distortion design, high contrast and high resolution imaging, and is suitable for high-precision inspection requirements, such as auto parts defect detection, PCB defect detection, and needle tip defects. detection applications.



The telecentric industrial lens has a unique optical path design, its magnification will not change with the distance of the object, the lens distortion rate is low, and the image quality is high. It performs well in electronic assembly inspection, machine vision recognition, precision component size measurement, defect detection and other occasions that require high lens distortion.



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