Visual grabbing positioning system for bottom wiring of electric heating pot




Testing requirements:


Electric heating cooker is a relatively common household appliance, which can exert high thermal efficiency during use. At present, the electric heating pots on the market are fully functional and can be adapted to any cooking method. The electric heating pot needs to be powered on before it can be used. Usually, a heating plate is installed at the bottom of the pot. In order to ensure the uniformity of heating, the wiring in the heating plate has a fixed position. How to ensure the accurate wiring position? This requires accurate visual inspection.



Detection scheme:


1. The lens uses POMES five megapixel industrial lens: VP-LEH-1216M;


2. The camera uses POMEAS Gigabit Ethernet industrial camera;


3. With ring vision light source and self-developed image analysis system.



Detection effect:



Program advantages:


1. The industrial lens VP-LEH-1216M has an ultra-long working distance and can obtain real and clear images of electric heating cookers;


2. Gigabit network industrial cameras have high frame rate and stable transmission, good sensitivity and high image quality;


3. The ring vision light source can produce uniform illumination, uniform imaging, and good quality. Combined with the self-developed image analysis system, it can efficiently and quickly complete visual grasping and positioning.



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