What is the role of a spectral confocal sensor?




With the rapid development of industrial technology, the requirements of precision measurement technology are getting higher and higher. It not only needs to have high precision, but also needs to have a wide range of applicability. Spectral confocal sensors have these advantages and can be applied to many fields. What is the role of spectral confocal sensors?



The spectral confocal measurement technology has ultra-high resolution and uses a very small measurement spot, which can measure very small objects, even if the surface has very slight scratches, it can also be accurately measured. And gradually tend to real-time, non-destructive testing.



The optical path of the spectral confocal sensor is very compact and concentrated. Compared with the laser triangulation measurement, it is more suitable for measuring workpieces such as deep holes, inclined surfaces, and high light transparency.



1. Thickness measurement of transparent materials:

When the spectral confocal sensor measures the thickness of transparent materials, only one probe is needed to complete it, that is, the reflected light of the front and rear surfaces of the measured object is measured, so as to obtain layer thickness information.




2. Surface roughness measurement:


Surface roughness is an important measure of the surface quality of parts, which directly affects the mechanical performance. Using a scanning device equipped with a spectral confocal sensor, non-contact, efficient, online real-time measurement can be achieved.




3. Outline and geometric dimension measurement:


With the development of machining level, more and more small and complex workpieces need contour measurement and precise dimension measurement, such as the measurement of small round chamfers, the measurement of the inner wall groove size of small workpieces, etc. Some precision optical components also require non-contact profile measurement to avoid scratching the optical surface during contact measurement. These measurement problems that are difficult to solve with traditional sensors can be solved by building a measurement system with spectral confocal sensors.




POMEAS spectral confocal sensors are lightweight and easy to integrate with various automated measurements. It has a wide range of applications in the metal casing machining manufacturing industry such as mobile phones, tablets, and computers, the electronics industry such as PCB, connectors, and IC chips, and the panel, glass, photovoltaic, semiconductor wafer and other industries.



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