How to achieve efficient dimensional measurement?




Dimension is one of the most basic and important control factors in industrial manufacturing. Dimensional accuracy directly affects the overall operating performance, so strict control is required.



At present, there are many tools for dimensional measurement on the market, such as micrometers, vernier calipers, microscopes, projectors, video cameras, etc. These instruments are sufficient for some products with low precision requirements and scenarios where detection efficiency is not required. However, when batch testing is required, it is susceptible to human subjective influence, resulting in large measurement data errors, time-consuming, and cumbersome data statistics. So how can we achieve high-efficiency measurement of size?



POMEAS IMAGE3 one-button image measuring instrument can realize high-efficiency dimensional inspection, which is a good solution to the problems of traditional measuring tools. POMEAS image measuring instrument has the following advantages:



1. The measurement speed is fast, multiple products can be measured at the same time, and nearly a hundred dimensional inspections and tolerance evaluations can be completed in 1 second, which greatly improves the inspection efficiency;



2. The equipment can be automatically focused and positioned automatically, and there are no requirements for product placement and orientation;



3. With high-resolution dual-telecentric industrial lenses and high-precision image analysis algorithms, data accuracy is high, and data differences will not be caused by human operation;



4. The structure of the equipment is simple, the stability is high, the operation interface is simple and easy to understand, and it is quick to use without spending too much training time.



At present, POMEAS one-button image measuring instrument has been widely used in mobile phone, precision electronics, hardware, semiconductor, cutting tool, medical machinery, automotive engineering and other industries.



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