Organic liquid imaging analysis of 4K zoom lens application




The 4K zoom lens is a 4K-level high-resolution large-field lens. Compared with the traditional zoom lens, the detection capability is greatly improved.




In scientific research, after discovering some problems, it is necessary to conduct experimental analysis on the composition of the substance and the influence of external factors on the substance, and then find a possible solution to the problem after the analysis. In this process, a lot of professional instruments are needed, and POMEAS's 4K zoom lens has some applications in it, such as the imaging analysis of organic liquids.




Detection scheme:

Using close-range high-brightness parallel light with POMEAS 4K zoom lens, organic liquids can be clearly identified, and the effect of temperature changes on the flow speed and direction of organic liquids can be efficiently analyzed.




Detection effect:




POMEAS 4K zoom lens not only has excellent zoom performance, but also provides a wider field of view and captures a wider range of images faster. It is an ideal choice for high-speed inspection and precise measurement applications.



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