Why telecentric industrial lenses improve inspection accuracy?




With the fast development of the machine vision industry, industrial inspection has changed from the initial manual visual inspection to machine vision inspection.


Machine vision inspection system consists of industrial lenses, industrial cameras, image processing systems, light sources, etc., in which the industrial lens plays the role of "eyes", which can directly affect the detection results of the machine vision inspection system.There are various classifications of industrial lenses, including telecentric lenses, which allow machine vision inspection to take a big step forward towards refined inspection.


Telecentric lenses have the following advantages:


1. Unique optical design

   Telecentric industrial lens adopts a unique parallel optical path design, when the object moves in the field of view, its magnification in different positions will not change, which can be done to weaken or even eliminate the parallax problem of ordinary industrial lenses.


2. High resolution, low distortion

  Telecentric industrial lenses have a low distortion rate, which allows you to obtain a complete high-resolution image even with a small-pixel image sensor. Stability of inspection accuracy can be guaranteed.


3. Large depth of field

  Telecentric industrial lenses have a large depth of field, which can be well adapted to the working environment in the field and avoid visual errors caused by product fluctuations.


Due to the high resolution, low distortion, large depth of field, unique optical design and other advantages of telecentric lenses, the machine vision inspection accuracy can be improved, and at the same time, it also brings more precise inspection results to the enterprise's quality inspection and size measurement.



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