Image Measuring Instrument Application for PCB Workpiece Inspection




With the continuous advancement of technology, PCB boards have become one of the basic components in electronic products. It is a support and circuit carrier used to interconnect electronic components.With the continuous updating and improvement of electronic products, the shape and size measurement of PCB boards are becoming more and more complex.The dimensional accuracy of PCB boards directly affects the performance and stability of electronic products. Therefore, accurate dimensional measurement is crucial to ensure the quality and reliability of PCB boards.



Measurement requirements:


     Detect PCB board length, width, margin, hole diameter, hole spacing and other dimensions.



Measurement solution:


   The image measuring instrument is a measurement system based on machine vision technology that can be used to achieve fast and accurate dimensional measurements. Compared with traditional measurement methods, image measuring instruments have the following advantages in PCB board size measurement:


1. Non-contact measurement: The image measuring instrument adopts a non-contact measurement method, which can complete the measurement without touching the workpiece, thereby avoiding damage to the workpiece and errors in measurement accuracy caused by traditional contact measurement methods.


2. High-precision measurement: The image measuring instrument is equipped with a high-resolution industrial camera and a bi-telecentric industrial lens. It has low distortion and high-resolution imaging, and can achieve micron-level precision measurement. The data is more accurate than traditional measurement methods.


3. Automated measurement: The image measuring instrument adopts automated measurement technology and automatically measures with one botton. The measurement process is simple and efficient, and can reduce errors caused by manual operation and improve measurement efficiency and accuracy.



Detection effect diagram:



The image measuring instrument has very obvious advantages and application value in PCB workpiece size measurement. Through non-contact measurement, high-precision measurement, automated measurement and other functions, the efficiency and accuracy of PCB board size measurement can be effectively improved and the quality and performance of the product can be guaranteed.



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