Advantages Of Line Scan Industrial Lens For Colour Inspection




In industrial vision inspection, colour inspection is a very important task. Through the colour inspection of the product, it can determine whether the colour of the product meets the requirements, and whether there are problems such as colour difference and colour spots. Colour inspection is an important part of quality control, which can help enterprises to improve productivity and product quality and reduce the scrap rate. Therefore, it is crucial to choose the right industrial lenses and cameras for colour inspection.



Line scan industrial lens is a special industrial camera lens, using linear scanning to obtain image information, compared with traditional lenses with low distortion, high-speed detection and other advantages, in industrial automation, printing inspection, colour selection and other fields are widely used.



Line scan industrial lens in the colour detection advantages:



Line scanning lens with high resolution, high definition and other high-precision optical performance, can accurately convey image information, in the colour detection, line scanning lens can provide more accurate colour matching and chromatic aberration judgement, to improve the accuracy of detection and identification.



Line scanning lens detection speed, colour detection can greatly improve the detection speed and efficiency. Its high-speed scanning characteristics make the online production process can be achieved in real-time detection, so as to better control the production process and improve production efficiency.



Line scanning lens can be adapted to various types of industrial cameras, according to the actual needs of the selection and matching. Applicable to a variety of different types of product colour detection.



Line scan lens has excellent colour recognition ability, small chromatic aberration, high image reproduction, large lens aperture, very suitable for high-speed shooting. It can achieve excellent detection effect in colour detection.



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