Line Scan Industrial Lens Selection Strategy




Line scan industrial lens is a high-performance FA lens, widely used in the field of machine vision and industrial automation, mainly used for high-speed, high-precision visual inspection and identification.



Features of Line Scan Industrial Lens



1. High resolution: line scan industrial lens can provide high-resolution images, which can clearly capture the details and features of the target object.



2. High-speed scanning: able to acquire a large amount of image data in a short period of time, suitable for visual inspection and identification on high-speed production lines.



3. High precision: with high precision optical performance, it can accurately deliver image information and improve the accuracy of detection and identification.



4. Strong flexibility: it can be adapted to various types of industrial cameras, and there are various types of interfaces, which can be selected and matched according to the actual needs.



Line scanning lens selection strategy



1. According to the actual application requirements, select the appropriate resolution and shooting speed of the line scanning lens. High resolution can provide a clearer image, but may reduce the shooting speed; and low resolution lens may not be able to meet the needs of high-precision detection. Also, the shooting speed needs to be matched to the production line speed.



2. When selecting a line scanning lens, it is very important to consider the optical magnification because it can determine the imaging effect of the lens and the shooting range of the target object. By reasonably selecting the optical magnification, a clearer and more detailed image can be obtained and meet the actual application requirements.



3. Select a line scan lens that matches the camera's interface type to avoid incompatibility. Common interface types include C, CS, F ports, etc.



4. Line-scan industrial lenses may have aberrations that affect image quality. Selecting a lens with an aberration correction function can effectively reduce the impact of aberrations on image quality.



5. Selecting a well-known brand and a line scan industrial lens with good after-sales service can ensure the quality and long-term use of the lens.



When choosing line scanning industrial lenses, you need to make comprehensive consideration according to the actual application requirements. Pomeas is a machine vision sensor parts and solutions provider, can provide you with line scanning industrial lens selection suggestions and vision inspection solutions.



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