Vision Inspection Solution for Clutch and Flywheel Parts





(1)Project description: 

The engine flywheel is the active part of the clutch, so in the process of assembling the car, it is necessary to detect the lack of spring and ball in the clutch, and the correct installation position. 



(2)Vision Inspection Solution for Clutch and Flywheel Parts

 POMEAS high resolution bi-telecentric lens PMS-DTC0088-390
 POMEAS 5 MP gigabit industry camera
 POMEAS ring light
 IPC:I5CPU 4G Memory
 Machine vision inspection software system based on POMEAS independent development 




(3)Vision Inspection Solution for Clutch and Flywheel Parts Descrption

For the detection of large area devices such as clutch, the image of spring and ball of the clutch is highlighted with the high resolution of the two sides and the circular light source. Due to the production line on the clutch image position in the field of view has certain uncertainty, so the first thing the image positioning technology, to the overall positioning of clutch, and then to clutch the internal testing for each station, obtain the ball and spring state. 


(4)Working Effect:

Since the system is running, the normal work rate above 99.8%, the visual detection system in the process of auto parts assembly, for enterprises to save more than three stations, and greatly reduce the labor intensity of production workers and improve the reliability of the production.







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