Line Laser Displacement Screw Hole Positioning Guidance Solution




With the development of human science and technology, the mode of social production is gradually changing to automated production, industrial robots are increasingly used in automated production, instead of manual labor to complete the complicated, repetitive and some environmental hazards of the operation, effectively improve production efficiency and reduce application costs.


Screwing with robots is a common application in industrial manufacturing, but the most common type of operation it accomplishes is the "gripping-mounting" action. In order to accomplish these operations, it is very important to locate the screw holes, and in order to achieve high-quality operations, a vision positioning system is needed for guidance. As a provider of machine vision components and solutions,POMEAS can provide screw positioning guidance solutions.



Battery Module Screw Positioning Functional Requirements:

Follow on the six-axis robot, take photos of the box, position the screw hole position, guide the robot to hit the screw accurately.



Vision System Solution:

Using the POMEAS line laser profile sensor, screw positioning guidance is accomplished with high speed and precision.



Advantages of POMEAS line laser displacement sensor:


1. Compact size, high repeatability: the line laser displacement sensor is small in size, does not need to take up a lot of space for use, suitable for product inspection next to the production line. Measurement repeatability can reach 0.2μm;


2.Strong adaptability: can be used for a variety of product material testing, such as glass and highly reflective materials;


3.High stability: 405nm blue laser, IP67 protection; Gigabit Ethernet data transmission;


4. Wide range of applications: on-line measurement of pitch, contour, step, angle, flatness, profile and other dimensions as well as defect detection, 3D scanning contour transmission or measurement data output;


5. Rugged and durable: suitable for production line and laboratory use, for robotics and a wide range of scanning applications.



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