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 As we all know, high-end watches, especially Swiss watches, will go through some manual processing. Since it is a man-made work, it can not be as accurate as CNC machine tools. Therefore, even if a brand new watch is manufactured after strict quality inspection, it is inevitable that there will be a flaw within the allowable range.


   However, if there are obvious scratches, missing plating, discoloration and bubbles on the dial, such as logo defects, trademark defects, dial defects, varnish defects and other location, it is a defective product.


   The dial shell of the watch protects the internal precision components and has an important influence on the assembly process. How to ensure the efficiency of production under the situation of the watch dial appearance without defects and its size without problems, which is a problem that many manufacturers need to solve. In order to solve this problem, POMEAS launched a series of non-standard customized solutions, providing quality assurance for the quality of the watch.




Watch Dials Detection Requirement



①Detect the characters, patterns, LOGO, trademarks and other defects in the watch dial.

②Require high precision, low distortion, and high compatibility (As the dials is with multiple types).

③The outer diameter of the dial and the character size are measured with an accuracy of ±0.05mm.




Project Challenge



①There are many kinds of dial colors, characters, patterns, so it is difficult to do lighting.

②The product height is different, and the conventional depth of field cannot meet to the demand.




Solution Case



①For the camera, we use 1.1-inch 1200W monochrome CCD digital camera

②For the lens, we use 1-inch 0.2X bilateral telecentric lens  

③For the light source, it is matched with the Pomeas white multi-angle ring light and external coaxial light source.




Case Demonstration





Core components Introduction:



⑴ POMEAS 1.1-inch 1200W HD CCD camera 


①High resolution, clear imaging, meeting the detection requirement.

②Low power consumption, low noise, stable transmission of gigabit network, can truly restore images in various scenes and color temperatures.



⑵ POMEAS 0.2X high resolution bilateral telecentric lens: PMS-02HT180


①Based on the telecentric optical path design, with high resolution, high depth of field, ultra-low distortion imaging.

②Supports up to 1.1 inches camera target surface, up to 1200W pixels.

③ The aperture is adjustable, and the depth of field and resolution can be flexibly adjusted according to the needs of use.

④ It can maintain mechanical stability in a vibration environment.



⑶ POMEAS ring light source (high-angel light), external coaxial light source, parallel backlight illumination


  • POMEAS has a complete range of ring light source,  with the multiple colors and multiple angles. In this case, we use the high Angle white ring light source to detect the watch dials, which can clearly illuminate each position of the product, so that the defect and the background are clearly contrasted, which is convenient for software identification.  




  • POMEAS external coaxial light source has external coaxial red light source, external coaxial blue light source and external coaxial white light source. In this case, a white external coaxial light source can also be used. Its special light path design can effectively avoid the shadow of the lamp beads on the high-reflective plane, and can highlight the small unevenness of the surface of the object. For example, bad features such as scratches and processing bumping damage can be clearly reflected. From those we can see that it is convenient for software evaluation.




  • POMEAS parallel backlight is with good overall uniformity, soft light, high brightness, as the density arrangement of LED on it is high. It can highlight the product's outer contour clearly, and it is convenient for software to identify and capture, ensuring high stability of measurement.





Case Demonstration:














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