3DOS Vision System

Widely used in industrial image positioning, measurement, defect detection ,code reading, character recognition and other scenarios.

3DOS vision system

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    ◆ The software automatically scans the entire closed curve and compares the contour with the imported CAD theoretical curve, and outputs a graphic report;
    ◆ Can import measurement points, automatically calculate the vector of the measurement points, and calculate the line profile of the fitting curve;
    ◆ The product with the established coordinate system can complete the measurement of the curve profile without reference;
    ◆ Calculates the circumference of curves and measures the circumference and diameter of products such as seals, O-rings and audio enclosures;
    ◆ Calculate the highest point of the curve and measure the distance to the curved glass similar to the Samsung cell phone curve ;
    ◆ Can calculate the area of curves, used to measure the area of rectangles, defects, etc.;
    ◆ The software can import CAD files in Iges, Step or DXF formats.
    ◆ CAD is used directly to guide the measurement and to fulfill the function of comparing the actual with the theoretical, which improves the measurement efficiency by 2-3 times.
    Image, Spectral, Laser Multi-Sensor Combined Measurement
    ◆ Real CAD 3D spatial view
    ◆ The image, spectrum, and laser coordinate system are combined, and the measured elements are automatically unified
    ◆ Imaging and spectral, laser programs can be interspersed throughout the same program
    All POMEAS sensors support high-speed shooting technology
    Calculation of Complete Dimensional and Tolerances
    Distance (maximum distance, minimum distance, average distance, space distance, curve distance),angle, diameter,radius, taper angle, straightness, flatness, roundness, cylindricity, perpendicularity, inclination, parallelism, symmetry, concentricity, coaxiality,position degree (2D & 3D), point prpfile degree, curve profile degree,surface profile, circle runout, full runout...
    Dual Work Area                                                                                                                                           Grid Measurement
    Supports dual work area mode for more efficient measurements                                                                Tools for multiple identical products for quick multi-product programming and measuremen
    Image Stitching                                                                                                                                            Multiple Point Cloud 3D Interactions
    Stitch images from multiple fields of view onto a single image                                                                       Box selection, polyline, free curve, etc., covering all 3D interaction requirements.
    Various Image Preprocessing Tools                                                                                                          Calculator Tool That Supports Various Functions







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