PMS- CMR 2000 Controller (Semi-Automatic)

The PMS-CMR 2000 is a 3-axis encoder counter based on advanced MCU counting with a variety of additional functions, and is a dedicated controller for manual image measuring machines, manual CMMs, etc…


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    Product Introduction:

    The PMS-CMR2000 combines linear scale/encoder counting, probe latching, lighting control, I/O control, and detended lenses in a single USB cable for communication with a PC.It supports both 32-and 64-bit operating systems. It provides a One Box solution for manual image measuring instrument electronic control system, which significantly improves the problems of complicated, high cost, low performance and high failure rate of manual image measuring instrument electronic control system.
    Product Feature:
    ◆Three-axis scale counting, can be connected to any brand of single-ended (TTL) or differential (RS422) square wave signal output linear scale.
    ◆Programmable 6045 light source control (40-zone) function.
    Programmable bottom light function, can be connected to the working voltage of 3V-5V (single LED) or 6-24V (multiple LEDs mixed) structure bottom light source.
    Programmable coaxial light/laser indicator function. Can be connected to a variety of coaxial light with 3V-5V operating voltage.
    Software-adjustable brightness range of various light sources 0-199
    ◆Contact probe interface, triggering hardware synchronized latching of 3-axis linear scale data
    ◆Detened lens interface, the software directly recognizes and reads the current magnification of the lens.
    ◆ The I/O interface, input detection function, and output drive function are protected by optical coupler isolation.
    ◆Function.Using photoelectric isolation USB (turn RS232),network port communication,strong anti-interference ability,long communication distance,stable,reliable
    ◆The APl is designed for the practical application of image measuring instrumentand coordinate measuring machine,only several API are required to complete allthe functional operations.
    Application area:
    Widely used in electronics, semiconductor, panel, equipment and other industries. Measure height, segment difference, thickness, flatness, glass, ceramics,mirror metal contour, such as cell phones, PCB, tempered glass screen protector, semiconductor wafers.







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