Encoder code disc detection for 4K zoom lens application




The encoder is a position and speed converter, and its functions in the industrial field are feedback, speed measurement, and position measurement. The encoder is mainly composed of a code disc, a body, a light-emitting device, a photosensitive device and other components. Each component affects the performance of the encoder. Therefore, strict quality inspection is required in the production process.



The quality of the code disc can be detected by an optical system solution composed of optical lenses, high-precision industrial cameras, visual light sources, and detection software. meet the testing requirements. Pomeas 4K zoom lens is a 4K-level large field of view high-resolution zoom lens, which can be applied to high-precision code disc detection.




The advantages of 4K zoom lens




1. Compared with the traditional zoom lens, the 4K zoom lens has a qualitative leap in optics. The minimum magnification resolution is 3μm, the highest magnification resolution can reach 0.8μm, and the chromatic aberration can be effectively controlled from the minimum magnification to the highest magnification.




2. Compared with the traditional zoom lens, the 4K lens is equipped with a 1-inch target industrial camera, the field of view can be increased by 1.45X, and the high-magnification resolution is significantly improved.



3. Compared with the traditional zoom lens, the 4K zoom lens has a variety of interface components, which can be connected to various types of industrial cameras and matched with different rear TV mirror tubes to meet more inspection needs.




Compared with the traditional zoom lens, the detection capability of the Pomeas 4K zoom lens is greatly improved, and it has a good performance in applications such as chip character detection, gold finger detection, and wafer defect detection.



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