Post-wave soldering inspection of industrial telecentric lens applications




Due to the advantages of low distortion and large depth of field, industrial telecentric lenses have been widely used in various dimensional measurement equipment and visual inspection projects with high precision requirements. This article introduces the post-wave soldering inspection of industrial telecentric lenses.




SMT, also known as surface packaging technology, is the basis of the electronics manufacturing industry. Wave soldering is one of the processes of SMT and the main process in the assembly process. However, due to the characteristics of the wave soldering process, it is easy to produce false soldering, Defects such as leaking solder, pin short circuit, void, bridge connection, etc., these defects will affect the quality of the entire product. In order to prevent defective products from entering the market, precise visual inspection is required.



With the increasing miniaturization and high density of the assembly process of electronic components, the original manual visual inspection has completely restricted the improvement of production capacity and quality. Using professional machine vision to replace manual labor has higher stability and efficiency. reliability.




In machine vision inspection, in order to avoid the detection distortion caused by the distortion of the traditional optical system, it is equipped with a double-sided industrial telecentric lens, which can completely present all the inspection areas of the product in the same image, and the final inspection image is clear and true, and the imaging is complete.




The Pomeas bilateral telecentric lens has a large depth of field, which can avoid visual errors caused by product fluctuations. Ultra-low distortion and ultra-high telecentricity can ensure the stability of detection accuracy.



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