Metal Block Size Measurement Solution




In industrial manufacturing, metal blocks are commonly used components. In order to ensure the quality of industrial products, it is necessary to measure the dimensions of each component to ensure that the products are assembled in a tight fit. But sometimes to detect metal blocks, it is not only the size of the top that needs to be measured, but also the side and back dimensions of the metal block. The traditional measurement equipment can only measure one plane at a time, and a measurement program needs to be established for each plane. After the measurement of one plane is completed, the detection program of the next plane is opened for measurement. The measurement process is cumbersome and inefficient. How to make the measurement process easier and more efficient?



Using the Pomeas IMAGE3 series image size measuring instrument, there is no need to establish multiple inspection programs, and one program can complete the measurement of the length, width, distance and other dimensions of multiple faces of the metal block. In the process, it is only necessary to turn over the product, one-click flash measurement, and quickly obtain multiple plane size data of the metal block, and automatically determine whether the product size meets the requirements. The operation is simple and fast, which effectively improves the detection efficiency and meets the needs of modern production.



The Pomeas IMAGE3 image measuring instrument is equipped with a self-developed dual-telecentric industrial lens, combined with a high-precision image analysis algorithm, and incorporates the principle of one-button flash measurement to automatically identify the product position and measurement location, and truly realize one-button rapid measurement. The image has low distortion and high accuracy. The measurement range can reach 300x200, and multiple products can be placed at one time to measure at the same time, saving measurement time.



The Pomeas image size measuring instrument can also be used for batch size measurement of precision metal parts, screws, gears, mobile phone glass, mobile phone casings, etc.



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