Inductive Character Detection for Zoom Telecentric Lens Application




Industrial lenses are important optical accessories in machine vision projects. The imaging quality of industrial lenses can directly affect the performance of vision projects. Industrial lenses have a variety of optical designs, which can be divided into zoom lenses, telecentric lenses, fixed focus lenses, zoom telecentric lenses, etc. Among them, zoom telecentric lenses have telecentric optical path design, high resolution, and excellent imaging quality. , widely used in machine vision inspection systems. This article introduces the application of zoom telecentric lens in inductive character detection.



One-piece inductors are widely used in many electronic products due to their excellent performance. Inductors play a very important role in products. Therefore, precise visual inspection is required in production, such as character defect inspection, which can avoid product use. Confusion, affecting product quality.



Testing requirements:



Through the packaging film, clearly identify whether the inductance characters are misprinted, missing, missing or other defects.



Detection scheme:


1. The lens uses POMEAS zoom telecentric lens VP-LZM-0510M;



2. The camera uses POMEAS Gigabit CCD industrial camera;



3. With ring vision light source and self-developed character detection system.



Program advantages:



1. POMEAS zoom telecentric lens VP-LZM-0510M has the characteristics of high resolution and contrast, low distortion and low distortion imaging, uniform distribution of central light and edge light, adjustable aperture, and can obtain inductive product images through the film.



2. The POMEAS Gigabit Ethernet industrial camera has stable transmission and clear high-resolution imaging. When matched with a zoom telecentric lens, it can identify character defects more clearly and quickly.



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