Luminaire screw hole visual alignment system for industrial lens applications




When installing lamps, the precision of screw hole alignment is extremely high. In order to ensure the fit of the screw installation position, the position of the screw hole needs to be accurately positioned, which requires the introduction of a vision system for positioning and alignment.



The vision system is composed of industrial cameras, industrial lenses, visual light sources, vision controllers, software systems, etc. POMEAS is a core product supplier of machine vision and industrial automation. Accurate positioning, to ensure the accuracy of product fit and alignment, to ensure product quality, and to improve product yield.



System accessories:



1. The industrial lens uses POMEAS 5 million pixel industrial lens VP-LEH-0816M;



2. Industrial cameras use POMEAS Gigabit Ethernet industrial cameras;



3. With POMEAS surface light source and self-developed image processing system.



Scheme renderings:



Product advantages:



1. POMEAS 5-megapixel industrial lens VP-LEH-0516M has the characteristics of high resolution, high contrast, realistic imaging effect, etc., and has an ultra-long working distance, which can clearly obtain lamps and lanterns images.



2. The Gigabit network industrial camera has stable transmission, clear imaging, and true image restoration.



3. Combined with a high-precision processing system, the screw hole alignment detection is efficiently completed.



For more information on the construction of the machine vision system and the selection of optical accessories, you can contact POMEAS customer service to provide you with detailed answers.



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