Advantages and industrial applications of one-button image measuring instruments




One-button image measuring instrument is a modern electronic optical non-contact detection instrument, which can solve the problems of low precision and slow speed of dimensional measurement in processing and manufacturing industries.



The advantages of the one-button image measuring instrument are as follows:



1. Highly digital

The measurement operation of the one-button image measuring instrument is all operated by the mouse, which realizes the desire of man-machine integration. In the past, the measurement process of manual instruments was very cumbersome and prone to manual errors, but the one-button image measuring instrument has been improved in this regard, greatly improving the accuracy and speed of the instrument.



2. Powerful AI algorithm

The one-button image measuring instrument is equipped with an independent and powerful AI edge computing algorithm to easily realize the precise edge finding of the surface. Using high-end software technology, it can realize the movement of the coordinate system and complex coordinate system operations. Even if the measured workpiece is placed at random, it can be detected, and the coordinate direction and measurement point can be seen intuitively, which is clear and easy to operate.



3. The software operation is simple and easy to understand

The one-button image measuring instrument has powerful software functions, which can edit, save and process images. Both test reports and statistical reports can be made with one button, without the need for tedious processes such as data transmission and computer input. It supports a variety of formats. Can be automatically uploaded to the customer data management system.



One-button image measuring instruments are widely used in many industries, such as:



1. Dimensional measurement of IC components, inductors, resistors, connectors, capacitors and other electronic components;



2. Dimensional measurement of flanges, bearings, screws, springs, gears and other hardware connection parts;



3. Dimensional measurement of mobile phone parts such as mobile phone glass, mobile phone casing, mobile phone middle frame, camera module, etc.;



4. Dimensional measurement of rubber parts such as O-rings and rubber soft joints;



5. Precision parts such as molds, CNC blades, and mechanical parts;



6. Semiconductor materials such as PCB board, FPC, wafer, silicon wafer;



The one-button image measuring instrument can meet the requirements of sampling inspection and batch inspection in industrial dimensional measurement. It has the characteristics of high intelligence and high automation, making the measurement simple. Improve the work efficiency of industrial production, can really contribute to the enterprise.



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