Watch glass detection in the application scenario of double telecentric lens




Watch glass is an important component in a watch, and product quality is becoming more and more important in production. During the production process, it is necessary to detect whether the watch glass has defects and its size.



The visual inspection system is composed of industrial lenses, industrial cameras, visual light sources, and image processing systems. Industrial lenses are equivalent to the eyes of the system and play a key role in the imaging quality of the system.




Since the glass of the watch is generally a transparent material, ordinary industrial lenses are used in the visual inspection of the appearance, which is easily disturbed by the external ambient light, resulting in the camera unable to record clearly, occlusion or whitening, and it is impossible to accurately identify defects.




The double telecentric lens is a branch of the industrial lens and is widely used in machine vision projects. The telecentric lens has a special optical design, which can effectively solve the phenomenon of light interference and clearly and accurately identify small flaws in watch glass.




The size of the watch glass is small, and the required precision is relatively high. In the size detection of the watch glass, if an ordinary industrial lens is used, the depth of field is not large enough, and the product cannot be focused clearly, and distortion may occur, resulting in a change in the outer contour size. . The bi-telecentric lens has the characteristics of large depth of field and low distortion, which can perfectly solve the above problems.




The double telecentric lens has the advantages of constant magnification, high resolution, low distortion, and ultra-wide depth of field, which can effectively solve the parallax problem of ordinary industrial lenses. It is widely used in machine vision automation and other industries.



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