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One-button measuring instrument, also known as image measuring instrument, flash measuring instrument, one-button machine, etc., is a kind of intelligent dimension measuring equipment based on machine vision automatic edge extraction, image measurement and other technologies. The core hardware of one-button measuring instrument is composed of high-precision industrial camera, double-side double telecentric lens, combined light source and fixed load table, etc. The structure is compact and easy to operate.


One-button measuring instrument is widely used in cell phones, mold cutting, plastic parts, hardware, gears, watches, automotive parts, PCB, precision parts and other semi-finished products, finished product size inspection, can significantly reduce the intensity of the work, improve work efficiency.


Advantages of one-button measurement instruments:


1. High measuring efficiency: measuring range of 300x200, multiple workpieces can be measured at the same time with several different features;


2. High measurement accuracy: measurement accuracy ±3μm, accurate measurement data, high repeatability;


3. Simple and easy to start: one button to start the automatic measurement, the use method is simple and easy to understand, the test data is clear and intuitive, the data report can be exported to a variety of formats, easy to save and check.




Environment of use:


1. Placement in a smooth and vibration free environment, if the One Button Measurement Instrument is subjected to additional ambient vibration, the measurement accuracy will be reduced.


2. The components of the one-button measurement instrument shall be kept free of dust and the instrument shall be cleaned regularly.


3. Keep the operating ambient temperature at 20°C ± 3°C as much as possible. Do not adjust it at a high or low temperature. Otherwise, accuracy cannot be ensured.


4. The one-button measurement instrument should not be placed in a bright light, or direct sunlight lighting environment, otherwise it will greatly affect the measurement accuracy.




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