Visual controller C2

The vision controller C2 supports a variety of hardware, providing fast and strong support for customer project solutions; OS platform/app architecture, rich and flexible ecology

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    Product Functions



    The main function of visual controller C2 is size measurement (length, brightness, height, etc.); Alignment and positioning (printing alignment, sample grabbing, assembly and fitting, etc.; pattern recognition (barcode character recognition, error, omission and inversion)




    Product features



    1. Support a variety of hardware to provide fast and strong support for customer project solutions.

    Provide overall solutions for the automation industry, support multiple cameras and light source control, and support multiple,Axis precise motion control, also supports point spectrum, point laser, line laser, line harmonic, structure Optical and other measuring sensors can be used for multisensor fusion measurement.



    2. The OS platform/app architecture is rich and flexible.

    Elaborately designed mainstream machine vision APP, which can conduct pattern recognition, positioning and alignment of products

    Density measurement, detection, etc. Powerful OS/APP system architecture is adopted to cover machine vision applications

    It is necessary to use multiple different software to facilitate customers to quickly generate applications that meet their own needs.



    3. Fast, stable and simple vision system.

    Powerful data processing capability and patented algorithm can measure 100 dimensions in 1 second. After years of customer experience

    Field application, can be 7 × 20H stable operation APP application operation decoration list, without professional engineers

    There is no need to write code programs, and applications can be rapidly developed through flow charts.




    Application area



    Widely used in 3C, new energy chips, 5C, etc.Applicable to glass hardware, plastic parts, electronic parts, etc









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