Depth Inspection Solution for Mobile Phone Center Frames




Cell phone frame is an important part of the composition of the cell phone, used to support and carry a variety of internal core components, so for its quality has high requirements, need to do a good job of strict quality control.


Detection Requirements:

There is a part of the cell phone center frame for the assembly of the wiring, this part of the area has a certain depth, can directly affect the fit of the product installation, so you need to do a good job of depth detection.



Detection Solution:

Using the POMEAS line laser sensor with 3DOS measurement software, you can directly complete the scanning of the phone's center frame data and automatically generate point cloud data.Quickly determine if the depth of the wire lining area meets the requirements by comparing it to a standard file.



Program Advantages:

1. POMEAS line laser sensor can realize contactless long-distance inspection, fast measurement speed and high inspection accuracy.



2. Promise 3D OS measurement software is a powerful solution for 3D dimensional analysis and quality control, easy to operate and accurate detection results.



3. According to the customer's requirements, we can accomplish the inspection of segment difference and character presence or absence at the same time.





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