How to choose a lens in an industrial microscope?




Industrial microscope is a kind of multi-purpose inspection microscope in industrial manufacturing, which can observe the objects from different angles, and has a wide range of applications in product inspection and quality control in factories.





Industrial microscope is generally composed of lighting system, optical system, microscopic imaging system, bracket, display and other parts, in which the optical system plays an important role in the magnification of the microscope imaging, which can directly affect the detection effect, so the choice of a suitable lens is an important part of the process of formation of industrial microscope.




The parameters of the microscope lenses include numerical aperture, resolution, magnification, working distance and so on, these parameters are interconnected and constrained each other. When using it, the resolution should be guaranteed, and the relationship between the parameters should be coordinated according to the purpose of the microscopic examination and the actual situation, so as to finally get the satisfactory results.




There are various classifications of industrial microscope lenses, among which the POMEAS continuous zoom lens adopts an infinity optical system, featuring high contrast, high resolution, bright and clear images, and excellent imaging quality throughout the field of view, which is especially suitable for industrial measurement, semiconductor and microelectronic equipment video observation and inspection.




POMEAS is a supplier of industrial automation and core products, the main products are industrial lenses, industrial cameras, vision light sources, flash testers, industrial vision inspection systems, etc., of which the lenses can not only be used for microscopic observation, but also have a wide range of applications in a variety of fields, such as optical screening machines, imaging instruments.



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