Classification of Video Microscope




Video microscope, which is a digital-to-analog converter of the physical image seen by the microscope, so that it is imaged on the screen that comes with the microscope or on a computer. It can be used for research in the microscopic field from the traditional ordinary binocular observation to reproducing it on the monitor, thus improving efficiency.



Video microscopes can be classified into various categories according to different ways:


1. Video microscopes can be divided into trinocular video microscopes and monocular video microscopes according to different eyepiece tubes;


2. According to the different range of field of view, can be divided into large field of view video microscope and ordinary field of view video microscope;


3. According to the different ways of focusing, it can be divided into manual focusing and auto-focusing, and the POMEAS AFM-3.0 series is an auto-focusing video microscope;


4. According to the different mounting brackets, it can be divided into ordinary bracket video microscope and universal bracket microscope;


5. According to the imaging effect, it can be divided into ordinary video microscope, 3D video microscope, super-depth-of-field video microscope and so on;


6. Depending on the type of display, they can be divided into self-screen video microscopes and computer-displayed video microscopes.


With a strong sense of three-dimensionality, clear and wide imaging, and a long working distance, video microscopes are microscopes with a very wide range of applications. It has excellent performance in applications such as inspection of production lines in the electronics industry, calibration of printed circuit boards, and printing grid inspection.



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