Air Conditioner Remote Control Board Dimension Measurement Solution




An air conditioner remote control is a device used to remotely adjust the functions of the air conditioner, which is mainly composed of an integrated circuit board and different buttons. The circuit board plays a controlling role and is very important for the functioning of the remote control and its dimensions need to be closely tested.



Inspection Requirements:


Measure the distance, curvature, length, width and other dimensions of the circuit board before cutting, and multiple products need to be measured at the same time.




Inspection Solution:


With the traditional application measuring instrument, it takes several minutes to measure all the dimensions, but with the Pomeas IMAGE3 series Image Measuring Instrument, it takes only a few seconds to measure all the dimensions of the air conditioner remote control circuit board.



Inspection effect diagram:



Advantages of the programme:


1. Image measuring instrument measuring range of 200x300, measuring range is large, can accommodate multiple circuit boards for measurement at the same time;


2. Image measuring instrument with image splicing function, for large-size workpiece, can also complete the size of the test;


3. Image measuring instrument 1 second can measure nearly one hundred sizes, measuring speed, high efficiency;


4. Image measuring instrument is simple to operate, programmed with a key to start, you can automatically start measuring, the use of the process is simple and easy to learn;


5. Image measuring instrument data is clear and intuitive, automatically determine whether the size is qualified, a key to export a variety of formats data report, easy to upload inspection.



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