Line Scan Industrial Lens In The Machine Vision Industry




The development of machine vision industry has become an integral part of modern industrial production. Visual inspection plays an important role as one of the core technologies of machine vision. Machine vision systems use optical imaging devices to obtain image information of target objects, and then analyse and identify the images through image processing and pattern recognition technology, so as to achieve quality inspection, classification, positioning and other functions in automated production lines. The accuracy, reliability and stability of vision inspection are of great significance for improving product quality, production efficiency and reducing costs.



Line scan industrial lens is one of the very important components in the machine vision system and plays a vital role in vision inspection. Line scan lens can obtain the information on the surface or inside of the object, with high resolution, high sensitivity, high transmittance and other characteristics, which can provide high-quality image information, and provide the basic data for the subsequent image processing and analysis. At the same time, the scanning speed of the line scanning lens is very fast, and can meet the real-time detection needs of high-speed production lines.



Line scanning lens in the machine vision industry has the following applications:



1. Defect detection: line scanning lens can be used for defect detection on production lines. By scanning the product surface, obtaining its image information and analysing it, it can quickly and accurately detect whether there are scratches, dents, impurities and other defects on the product surface. Help to improve product quality and reduce the rate of defective products.



2. Surface texture and colour analysis: Line scanning lens can be used to analyse the texture of the surface of the object, colour and other information. By identifying and analysing the shape, size and arrangement of the surface texture, we can judge the material, structure and other characteristics of the object; by analysing the surface colour, we can achieve product colour classification and screening and other functions.



3. Line identification: By scanning the wires, cables and other target objects on the production line, the image information can be obtained and analysed, so as to achieve automatic identification and tracking of the line and other functions. This helps to improve production efficiency, reduce costs and ensure production safety.



Line scanning industrial lens has a wide range of applications in the machine vision industry. With the continuous development of technology, the performance and function of the line scanning industrial lens will continue to improve and perfect, bringing more innovation and development space for the machine vision industry.



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