Why do Industrial Robots Use Machine Vision Systems







With the development and progress of science and technology, the original simple use of teaching and pre-programming to achieve the automation of robot products in flexible production capacity has been difficult to meet the needs of modern production, the introduction of machine vision with the robot product becomes very Is necessary. With the rapid expansion of the robot market and the rapid maturity of robot technology, industrial robots ushered in an unprecedented good development opportunities, the original man-oriented mode of production, and gradually to the industrial robot-oriented production model changes.


    Under the original conditions, most of the handling robots on the production line through the teaching of reproduction or pre-programming to achieve a variety of operations, so that the initial position of the object position and posture are strictly limited, robot knowledge to complete point-to-point task action , And for the external parameters of the object handling, the handling capacity of the robot a little stretched. As a result, the entire production line of production flexibility will become relatively poor, can not meet the flexible production system for material handling and handling requirements. In this case, in order to ensure the smooth and efficient robot to complete the task and improve work efficiency, we must introduce machine vision technology to achieve the target object recognition and positioning.


    If, industrial robots equipped with machine vision systems have been applied in many fields. In many automated production lines, the last process is the product of the other neat, and then packaged molding, and many industries, product volume, weight is relatively large, if the use of artificial stacking, not only requires a lot of manpower, and productivity To enhance, and in this environment, the workers safe life can not be an effective guarantee. In view of this, the load robot has become the first choice to solve the problem of enterprise palletizing, and machine vision as the robot's eyes, is directly related to the robot can correctly grasp the product.


    Machine vision system in the field of industrial robots, greatly improving product quality and speed, to ensure maximum personal safety, stable and reliable operation. The robot vision robot vision technology, can be described as powerful combination, is bound to industrial automation, intelligent development on the road flex its muscles.







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