NEPCON Asia Electronics Expo 2021 is about to open, POMEAS sincerely invite you to participate!




NEPCON ASIA 2021 will be held in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Bao'an New Hall) from October 20 to 22. NEPCON ASIA is a well-known professional exhibition in Asian electronic manufacturing industry. It gathers enterprises and brands in the global front-end electronic field, covering new equipment and technical solutions related to PCBA manufacturing process, intelligent factories and automotive electronics. It is an exchange platform to understand the trend of Asian electronic industry, obtain new business opportunities and effectively develop business networks.



POMEAS, a supplier of machine vision and industrial automation core components. Founded in 2010, Pomeas is a company with vision technology as its core, integrating optical, control, algorithm and other technologies, focusing on image measurement, image recognition, image sensor and other fields, and matching customized solutions to help customers improve the competitiveness of equipment.



This exhibition will bring the latest products, 4K zoom lens scheme and telecentric lens scheme, auto focusing video microscope, DIC micro vision scheme, new one button image measuring instrument and various optical accessories to the exhibition. We look forward to meeting you! Booth No.: 2E01.



First Look at Exhibits



1、 4K zoom lens scheme




1. Support 1-inch sensor camera, which is more than 110% higher than the traditional zoom lens in the same magnification field of view;


2. It is designed according to the resolution requirements of higher specifications, and the horizontal resolution of 1 inch camera can reach 4K level;


3. The magnification is designed as 0.68X~5X, which is applicable to the detection requirements of most applications;


4. Modular design, multiple magnification TV tubes and additional mirrors are optional, and module components with other functions are also available for selection.



2、 0.16X-0.7X dual telecentric lens scheme




1. It adopts special optical design and has excellent imaging quality;


2. Double ports, double telecentric lenses, almost no error in measurement;


3. Large field of view and high resolution design, which can complete large workpiece observation at one time;


4. Low distortion, high depth of field design.



3、 Autofocus video microscope




1. The observation position is always in the real-time focusing state, which is a new observation mode without manual focusing;


2. Continuous zoom lens with zoom ratio of 0.7x-4.5x is adopted;


3. The entire optical system is independently developed by Purmis, and the body is designed in an integrated way, with excellent performance and better compatibility;


4. High resolution 1080P, frame rate 60FPS, can store pictures and dynamic videos.



4、 Differential interference (DIC) video microscope




The product barrel adopts infinite optical design, matched with professional flat field achromatic long working distance objective lens, uses DIC technology, and cooperates with the targeted coaxial light source to make the tiny height difference on the surface of the measured object produce obvious relief effect, which can clearly identify cracks, bulges, particles and holes.



5、 Precision hot glue screw valve



1. Z-direction rotary screw is used for material conveying, which solves the problem of inconsistent glue output caused by the compressibility of gas in the pneumatic dispensing mode;


2. By adjusting the dispensing time, dispensing pressure and dispensing flow rate of the screw valve, high-density and consistent dispensing operation can be carried out without damaging the properties of the glue solution. The repeated precision of the discharging can reach 98%, and the minimum discharging amount is 2nl, so as to achieve pulsatile quantitative dispensing;


3. Changing different dispensing needles and adjusting different control parameters can achieve different dispensing needs;


4. It can match any dispensing platform in the market.



6、 Precision cold glue screw valve



1. The screw structure is adopted, and the glue dispensing action is carried out through the screw displacement. The discharging can be carried out at a gap of 0.2mm, and the repeated precision of discharging can reach 98%. The minimum discharging amount is 2nl;


2. By controlling screw rotation speed, positive and negative rotation time and feeding pressure, different application requirements such as dotting and scribing of screw valve can be realized;


3. Different types of tungsten steel screws and stators are provided. The screw materials are wear-resistant, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant, and have stable long-term use performance;


4. According to different environments and discharge requirements, a reasonable combination can achieve a perfect use effect. It can match any dispensing platform on the market.


7、 IMAGE3 series image measuring instrument




1. The table type structure is small in size and convenient in handling, which is suitable for rapid measurement of the size of the production line edge. After placement, it can be measured only by pressing one key, or it can be automatically measured with customer IO signal, and the report can also be automatically uploaded to the customer data management system.


2. Double telecentric lens, together with two 12 million cameras, automatic lifting multi angle surface light and independent powerful edge algorithm, can easily realize surface light edge searching and high-precision measurement of surface dimensions.


3. The system has fast measurement speed, and can measure 100 parts in 1 second. The software operation interface is simple and easy to understand, and the measurement program can be easily compiled and the report parameters can be set. Anyone can also get consistent test results.



The exhibition will also show zoom lens, industrial lens, telecentric lens, industrial camera and other visual accessories. For details, you can visit booth 2E01 from October 20 to 22. We look forward to your visit!

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