1X Tool Microscope Head

Tool Microscope as a tool microscope core components, are mainly used in the measurement range of any part of the size, shape, angle and position.

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    Product Introduction



    Tool Microscope as a tool microscope core components, and the table and measurement software tools such as microscopes are mainly used in the measurement range of any part of the size, shape, angle and position.


    Through optical principle, images of objiects are projected to CCD sensor, it means by the optical system to acquqint a magnified image for dimension measurement, can be appilied for defect inspection of surface.



    1X to 100X objective can be matched on the instrument according to different industrial applications.

    In addition, different microscopic objectives can be adapted to the biological aspect as required.




    Products Advantage



    1.The use of special optical materials, combined with innovative structural design;

    2. The lens using multi-layer coating technology, high-contrast images, high-resolution;

    3. Combined with practical applications, built-in Chart board;

    4. According to the needs of customers can choose different accessories, and product upgrades reserved for the upgrade space;

    5. The use of ergonomics, the use of large field of vision long eye distance design, operation comfort, reduce fatigue.




    Application Fields



    1. The measurement circuit board, drill hole orifice hole position, keyway symmetry and other form error;

    2. Measuring a variety of molded parts such as model, model turning tools, model cutter, die and cam shape;

    3. Measuring external thread (thread plug, screw and worm, etc.) in the diameter, diameter, diameter, pitch, tooth type half-angle;

    4. Measuring the gear hob's lead, tooth and tooth-shaped angle. The micro-head is equipped with a CCD image sampling system module,

        Through the software for image and data processing, user-friendly corresponding to a variety of complex measurement work.







    Objective lens Parameter Table






    Eyepiece lens Parameter Table
















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