Colour Confocal Displacement Sensor

Colour confocal displacement sensor is a non-contact displacement measurement system which can reach the sub-micron level.

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    Product Introduction



    Colour confocal displacement sensor is a non-contact displacement measurement system which can reach the sub-micron level. It can measure the displacement or thickness of the surface diffuse reflection or mirror reflection objects and even transparent materials. Based on the coaxial characteristics of the output and return signal paths, the color confocal displacement sensor is also suitable for the measurement of deep/blind hole workpieces.



    Measuring principle

    Measuring principle of color confocal displacement sensor: The color confocal displacement sensor uses a special color coding lens to produce the axial dispersion output of visible light, and resolves the confocal return light signal through a spectral analyzer, and finally calculates the displacement measurement value of the workpiece through the conversion curve of wavelength and displacement.





    Products Advantage



    1. Non-contact optical confocal measurement technology, with ultra-high resolution and coaxial return signal will not be occluded;

    2. The optical fiber transmission color coding probe is designed, which has a light structure and no electronic parts inside, and is not affected by environmental interference.

    3. Using white light (visible light) light source system, the requirement of safety protection is lower than that of laser elimination.

    4. Unique multi-layer material testing algorithm can measure the thickness or gap between transparent and translucent multi-layer materials.




    Application Fields



    Widely used in industries of electronics, smiconductor, panel, equipment .Measure height, segment difference, thickness, flatness, contour of glass, ceramics, specular metals, such as Mobile phone, PCB, tempered glass screen protector, Semiconductor wafer.








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