APO Laser Auto-focus Module --Piezo electric drive

Large field-of-view snapshot customized for high-speed,high-precision microscopy automation

APO Laser Auto-focus Module --Piezo electric drive

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    APO Laser Auto-focus Module --Piezo electric drive     

    Product Advantage:

    1. Compact structure, the semiconductor laser, optical system, high-speed signal processing module, laser control, motion control, and software algorithms in one focusing mode using co-axial focusing mode, effectively solve the problem of focusing when the blocking;

    2. Focusing accuracy of μm level, focusing speed up to 6.5khz level, with high focusing accuracy, focusing speed, product performance is stable and reliable characteristics, can be widely used in complex applications and environments.


    APO Laser Auto-focus Module --Piezo electric drive     

    Product Feature:

    1.The LFS sensor series can be integrated into customer supplied microscope systems;
    2.Several sensor models are available to meet the needs of various applications.
    3.It can be widely used in the fields of real-time focusing for microscopic observation, precision laser welding, precision laser cutting, etc.
    Focus Motion Dedicated Controller                               
    Product introduction:
    1.Supports A/B two groups of motor drive control
    2.Support photoelectric sensor limit for A/B two sets of motors
    3.Supports NPN-type and PNP-type limit sensors
    4.Support 1 channel high current constant current LED light source: default 3.3V/1A (support 0.75A~1.5A)
    5. Supports analog signal output
    6. Support RS-232 communication
    7.Support control of multi-channel motor movement
    8.Supports rotating nose wheels for porous objectives
    Objective Lens Controller                                               
     Product introduction:
    Suitable for universal objective lenses, commonly used 2X, 5X, 10X, 20X objective lenses are applicable;
    Can focus on various types of surfaces that are stationary or moving in real time, such as surface focus, layered focus, etc.;
    Operating Principle
    Application Area:
    Widely used in microscopic observation real-time focusing, precision laser welding, precision laser cutting and other fields.
    Application Case:


    Product Parameter:




    PMS-LFS4 Series  motion control    Product Parameter:



    Focus Motion Dedicated Controller Product Parameter:






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